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General introduction

Artisan brand is born from passion for culinary arts and understand the diverse needs of users. Come to Artisan you will be satisfied by the quality sausages, which are crafted based on modern technology from the Philippines.

Unlike many types of sausage produced by other industrial processes. For Artisan every product is created as a work of art, so the producers have to sacrifice their enthusiasm and have their own culinary secrets. Because of the above reasons, Artisan has chosen to produce artisan recipes with unique recipes to bring the best taste and variety of sausage products.



To ensure food safety for consumers, sausage ingredients are imported from reputable suppliers. The smoked products are specially processed with oak and barley imported species, so the taste and aroma characteristic that not everywhere can create. Artisan sausages can satisfy a variety of people's appetites with a variety of sausages such as: sausage, pork, chicken, cheese ...

With a mission to bring quality standards and taste to the consumer, Artisan always develops and perfected itself to create the finest "food". This is clearly demonstrated by the customers we are cooperating with: Golden Gate - one of the largest chain of restaurants in Vietnam, Seven Eleven convenience store chain and many prestigious restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. . We will continue to improve, listen to and perfect our products to make Artisan one of the most popular brands.

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